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Pillow menu

Pillow menu

Take advantage of our pillow menu by choosing one of several options.

The Materlux Memory Form (65x45x14cm) headrest helps relieve tension in your neck as it keeps your vertebrae in an anatomically natural position.

The soft MaterLux Firenzeorthopedic pillow (65x45x14cm), with its hollow-fiber filling and built-in springs, creates an ideal microclimate for your skin and lets you sleep with a feeling of freshness.

The soft and hypoallergenic orthopedic Sintiye pillow (35x50cm), with its ergonomic form, is made from the eco-friendly elastic material Memorix and will ensure you have a healthy and comfortable sleep.

The soft and hypoallergenic Saehan pillow (50x70cm), which is filled with artificial swansdown, provides a highly comfortable support for your head thanks to its unique sinking effect.

Breakfast «Buffet»

Breakfast «Buffet»

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