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to 60 person
Delicious cuisine, an elegant interior, and top-notch service. Whether it be a low-key family dinner, stylish wedding, corporate party, or a business event, we can accommodate you. Let us know your preferences and how many guests you’re expecting, book a table at Bega Restaurant, or rent the Conference Room in advance –just don’t forget about our perks and special offers!

с 7:00 до 11:00
с 7:00 до 12:00

Our goal is a pleasant and enjoyable stay – your satisfaction is our goal! Bega Restaurant offers fine dining that makes each meal feel like a special occasion.

Try our signature Russian, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern dishes made by first class chefs. Sample some of our creative takes on classic recipes and don’t forget our specialty – hot pies you can eat here or take back to your room.

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